Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jesus, You led me

[You Led Me, BarlowGirl]

I am so sorry that I'm not writing more often. I'm SO tired. The run down of my last four days, to give you an idea of my current life:

6:15 - Get up
6:40 - Go to school & work in classroom
8-3 - Teach
3-4:30 - Work in classroom
4:30 - Go home
5-11 - Work on finances and then work on lesson plans
11 - Go to bed; talk to Jas and then sleep

8:30 - 10 - Get up, have Quiet Time, eat breakfast
10-1 - Work
1-2 - TFA second interview
2-6:30 - Work
6:30-10 - Shower, go to AB's engagement party
10-1 - Spend time with Matty&Liz and fam, playing games before Matty leaves (I may never see him again... weird to think...)
1 - Talk to Jas and then Sleep

9:30-11 - Get up, have Quiet Time eat breakfast
11 -3 - Work
3-4 - Make cookies for Jas (he earned them, and I needed a break)
4-11:30 - Work while watching the Superbowl... ok, I saw VERY little of the actual game. Still.
11:30 - Talk to Jas and then sleep

6:10 - Get up
6:30 - Go to school and work in classroom
8-3 - Teach
3-4:45 - Work in classroom
4:45 - Try to mail Jas's cookies but realize the Post Office closes at four-FREAKING-thirty
5:15-11:30 - Work, talk to a person who will be in TF@ next year with lots of questions (keep working during conversation)
11:30 - Watch Wendy K0pp (founder of TF@) on the Colbert Report
12 - Talk to Jas, basically fall asleep while talking to him

6:14 - Start the cycle over...

Seriously, that's my life. Notice how I don't even really ever eat meals. Oh, and (gross) notice how I only showered once in four days. Ew, I know. And now I just spent 10 minutes typing this which sort of stresses me out and so I'm going to bed.

Do understand that this is why I don't respond to e-mails or post blogs or anything. Seriously, all I do is work. I feel myself getting sick and I had to force myself to leave my computer at school today; that was primarily because I have a roomie who I knew would need loving and I treasure her and I would hate myself if I offered myself to her as a companion and then worked the whole time. Tomorrow I'll work incessantly again though.

I do love you all and seriously- tell me how you're doing! I miss and love you and though I never write I do still love hearing from you!

PS 58 days until my baby can take me in his arms and render me breathless with a kiss. Again and again and again.