Monday, March 19, 2007

I know the heart of life is good

[Heart of Life, John Mayer]

How's about a List Monday for a change? :)

  • One of my best friends is pregnant! I'm not sure how far she's spread the news, so I'm not saying names yet, but it totally makes me basically an aunt! Yay!

  • I did some shopping this weekend with my rock star roomie, Becca... we purchased materials for Save the Date cards and I got some (much needed) new clothes (some shirts and a pair of bermuda shorts as well as a pair around clam-digger length- SO CUTE!!). Shopping is fun but expensive. Yay for sales though! I got a load o' sexy clothes for my man for just under a hundred bucks! Yay for sales, I say (again, of course).

  • I only need to make it through this week, then next week there's no school Monday (teacher workday... but I have loads o' comp time to use for those!) and then 1pm dismissal (aka two hours early) on Thursday and Friday. Ode. To. JOY!!

  • The week after next has an early dismissal Friday (1pm again), and then... SPRING BREAK! Oh, beloved week off in April, how I do adore thee...

  • This Friday my other wonderfully beloved is making a rather large purchase... which he'll then put into use likely as soon as he gets here on Wednesday, April 4! I can't wait! To see him, to have his ring on my finger, to know that we're truly embarking on the journey toward marriage... *sigh* I love him so much.

  • Let's be honest... I am absolutely in love with Jason :) He's my favorite. He gets his own whole section of gushing now :) We're in such a good place now- we can have rough days where the conversations (we talk at least twice every day) are kind of awkward.... or super awkward... seriously, I verge on- albeit unintentionally- becoming a completely different person when I am on PMS. It's rather lame, to be quite honest. And we're relatively certain he has a hormonal time of the month where he's more irritable than normal too... and these times tend to coincide which SUCKS! Anyway, we can have a rough day or week but then eventually we are able to talk it out and always we get right- both with God and with one another. I just love him so much... not a day goes by that I don't take a step back and think, "God, how did I ever come to have a man this wonderful in my life?"

    My favorite things about Jason deserve their own mini-list, so here are some random ones that come to mind:

      • He makes me laugh... we had the funniest conversation the other night about... well... poop. We were on the phone, I said I'd be right back, came back like 5 minutes later and admitted that I had needed to go numero dos but was too embarrassed to admit it. One of the funniest convos we've ever had as a couple ensued. It was rather hilarious.

      • We're just so beautifully in harmony on issues of doctrine and living out our faith in our every day life. He's seriously my perfect match in that sense. We're on the same note in certain areas where we need to be (primarily doctrinal, some political and the like) and then we harmonize and balance one another out in other areas. It's beautiful, to be perfectly honest.

      • He's so thoughtful and sweet. He thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world and never fails to tell me so. He loves me deeply and always wants to ensure that there is never even a shred of doubt in my mind about how tangible and meaningful his feelings are for me.

      • He's a hard worker. He works two full time jobs. Literally, the man works like 80 hours a week, never complains, and does it with a sense of urgency to financially make it possible for us to be together and settle into marriage. :)

Ok, enough gushing. I need to get back to work. But I know you all haven't had any updates in 86 years so I figured you could use a quick one... only it wasn't such a "quickie" after all!

You guys are great! Leave some lovely love!

PS My March Madness bracket is HORRIFIC. *sigh*