Friday, June 01, 2007

My heart will choose to say...

... Lord, blessed be Your name
[Blessed Be Your Name, Tree 63]

So today I checked in on the blog of a friend who was in Europe lately, and there were some sound clips of a wedding that he sang in. The songs were in French, and I realized that singing along in English to a worship song (they were Blessed Be Your Name and Lord, You Have My Heart) being sung in another language, French in this case, is one of the most incredibly amazing feelings in the world.

I can't really explain it-- worshiping God in song is my most treasured form of worship, and singing a song of praise in my heart language as others praised Him in their foreign tongue simultaneously just took it to another level. That was just over a fairly low-quality clip online!

In other news, I think my blog is in need of more pictures. Everyone loves a good picture, right?

Here are some of my favorite things :)

Being in my fiance's arms

Pics where Jas looks ridiculous- ha ha!

Pictures of cities at night; I took this one of Charlotte after leaving a Bobcats game (they won!)

My ring and my Red Sox sweatshirt :)

Being Ridiculous :)

Making really crazy faces for the camera

Ok, I REALLY love making nutso faces for the camera... never leave yours unattended.
For real.

Beautiful sunsets

I'll give you one guess :)

Being silly with my kids :)

Young children

My kids :)

Friday night lights :) I'll really miss keeping stats

The randomosity that is Warren County

Inside joke, but when my kids are funny (and watch Jeopardy!)

The natural beauty where I live

Our glorious lake house :)


Sweet pics ;)

Being Ms. TK

My adorable roomies (I don't have any pics of Elise :( )

Hurricane Days! One word: ERRRRRRRNESTO!!

Crazy times with Liz :)

My hair when it's long :)

The randomosity that is my house... we didn't choose the decorations on the book shelf, PS

Funny bizness

Root beer mystery taste tests

My baby... even if the sun & wind were in his eyes and he's squinting :)