Saturday, January 06, 2007

Breaking Down the Day :)

Today has been RIDICULOUSLY productive. Here's the general rundown.

7-something AM: Alarm starts going off about an hour and a half before I thought I had it set to go off. I, of course, just turned it all the way off instead of messing with the snooze button, figuring I'd wake up around 9.

10-something AM: Of COURSE I sleep more than I meat to. I finally wake up again. Decide to lie in bed for a few minutes.

12:30 PM: I finally wake up for real. Whoops. I go upstairs and make a super healthy breakfast- some cheese and chive Better Than Eggs with onions, mushrooms, and garlic sauteed in a wee bit o' Pam, then a slice of cheese (I get Tillamook slices from Costco-- it's a great way to do portion control!) and some raw spinach cooked in. Yummy!

1-4 PM: I worked, worked, worked on schoolio related stuffs. I made Monday's review packet, wrote my final, and changed the dates on all the first-days-of-school handouts that I need to give out when the new semester starts on the 24th of this month.

4-7ish PM: Liz and Bec and I went to GC*P, a KI*PP school (K*IPP stands for Knowledge is P0wer Pr0gram-- it's a bunch of charter schools founded by TF@ alumni) about a half hour away that is awesome and let's TF*A'ers make unlimited free photocopies. I got ALL of my copies done through... goodness... at least the first few days of school. YAY!! Awesome, right? I only have one teensy little project, where at the end of every semester I give each student a letter written from me to their class, sort of an inspirational "keep up the great work and keep in touch and I'm so proud of you" type thing. I need to write and copy those but that will be easy. Oh, the sick thing though-- I used 3 reams of paper. AKA 1,500 pages. Yikes, right?

7ish to 8:30ish: I made dinner and ate it (a yummy turkey burger on a whole wheat bun) as the Seahawks game played in the background, while talking to Tammy and Lucas (they stopped by for a bit en route to some party on the lake being thrown by some first years). This all took a long time due to a little hanging out and such :)

8:45-10 PM: I worked out hard, running on the elliptical for just over 30 minutes and then doing all sorts of crunches, arms (weights), kicks, etc etc etc for about 45 minutes. All this was done while watching the Seahawks.

10:43 PM: Sweet, right? I know. But now I'm watching Seattle play and they're playing games with my heart. We get HUGE plays, particularly gutsy ones going for it on fourth down, but then we give up a kickoff return TD. Then we get first and goal from the one and don't score. NOW we seem to have a touchdown on a fumble recovery in the end zone. Lofa Tatupu is my hero for going for that ball, no matter what the call is. I s'pose this is a running blog of what happens in the game, now :) I shall do that as I clean up my stuff on the fireplace hearth (we never use the upstairs fireplace- or the downstairs one, for that matter- so I keep a whole bunch of stuff there next to where I sit up here, and I want to clean it all up :) )

10:49 PM: Ok, so they say Lofa's foot was on the line (and it was) but it's a safety so we get two points and the ball back. Yay, though not quite as yay as if we had gotten a touchdown! Still, Lofa's TOTALLY my hero! Well done, Lofa!

10:53 PM: TOUCHDOWN!! Hasselbeck to Stevens! Yes!!!

*Insert screaming and dancing. I'm. Not. Kidding.*

But the bummer is we missed the two-point conversion so a field goal for Dallas could win it... here's to supporting that Seahawks DEFENSE!!!!

11:04 PM: Just inside the two-minute warning. They are SO close to a touchdown. I feel kind of sick. I want to win.

11:19 PM: We won. I don't know how. But we pulled that one out. My heart is racing, my hands shaking, my head pounding.



And, to end, tomorrow I'll clean my room and then enjoy a long day of fun, relaxed artsy-craftsyness. Yay!! And watch the Patriots, of course... GO PATS!!