Thursday, January 04, 2007

If you left it up to me every day would be a holiday from real

[Holiday from Real, Jack's Mannequin]

I could use a holiday from real. I just had one, and am paying the price as busy-ness makes me feel ready to implode. Blech. So, since it's list Thursday, you can read my to-do list.

  • Plan out how to get my kids through the entirety of the novel The Giver in four days. *sigh*

  • Write a comprehensive study guide to hand out on Monday.

  • Plan a really stupendously awesome review game for Thursday.

  • Write the Final that my students will take as follows--
    • First period - Friday, 01/12
    • Third period - Wednesday, 01/17
    • Fourth period - Thursday, 01/18
    • I don't have a second period, so Tuesday, 01/16, will probably be me proctoring another teacher's End 0f C0urse exam... aka sitting in a room and making sure he/she doesn't help the students cheat.

  • Get a head start on photocopying stuff that my new students will do when we start the new semester on January 24 (so all of the first day / have your parents sign this / here's how this class works stuffs)

  • Write a kick-arse copy of my resume (aka start from scratch)

  • Fill out the application for a TF@ recruiting position (by the 15, but I'd really like to get this done early somehow)

  • Write out a bunch of TF@ follow-up follow-up (yes, twice on purpose) e-mails that will be fairly time consuming so I keep putting it off but people who said they would apply haven't started apps *sigh*

  • CLEAN MY ROOM... all clothes put away, all Christmas acquired items in their new places, rearrange bookshelves to accommodate all my books, etc

  • Stay up on e-mailing friends

  • Have an artsy day Sunday with Liz to try and de-stress some

  • Stop sucking at life and actually call my grandparents

  • Continually keep my relationship with my beloved Jason in good standing and make sure he knows how much I love him

  • Keep working out hard-core, high-impact, sweat-pouring workouts for an hour a day

  • Take the time to keep preparing good, healthy, fiber and protein and calcium rich foods

  • Sleep???

  • Pray and keep having quality QT's (Quiet Times) with my Christ, who is my life

  • Tutor after school every day next week, Monday-Thursday until at least 5

  • Have a TF@ recruiting call on Wednesday the 10 that will be at least an hour

  • Pack and plan and be ready to go recruit at L1nf1eld College the 18-22

  • Have my kids' grades COMPLETELY done by the time I walk out the door at 3 on Thursday the 22... and my last final, mind you, is being taken only a few hours before that. Ode to joy!

  • Finally behold the love of my life with my eyes on January 19!!

  • Make time for the return of 24, American Idol, LOST, and keep up with The Office!!

  • SNAP! Watch the last three episodes of 24 that I missed last season but have on iTunes and on my iPod

  • Add 10 hours to each day.

  • Keep being awesome and not feel like taking a bathroom break is sin.

Yikesabee. That was a lot. But it felt good to type it all out. I guess I had better get to it, huh?