Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm not who I was when I took my first step...

... and I'm clinging to the promise that You're not through with me yet.

[If You Want Me To, Ginny Owens]

I hate DRA-MA! I try to keep it out of my life, and avoid it. Sometimes it tends to happen whether I like it or not. I have another blog (my first ever) that I have kept on a different site for over two years. I don't feel like telling the whole story because it's not worth my time, but the scary guy I have mentioned pretended to be a 26 year old woman to befriend me on there, and then to say things behind "her" mask that were aimed at hurting me all over again.

The good thing is that the Lord allowed me to have a gut instinct from the beginning that it might be him, and an entry today completely confirmed my instincts. I was able to block him.

Grrr! I just want him out of my life! I am focused on Christ and He has been so faithful, but I did wake up panicked again last night. I'm fine- don't worry! I prayed and am dealing with this and I know my resolve (and feet) are set firmly on my Lord. It's just frustrating to have something like this in my life that I haven't ever had to deal with before.

So onto the rest of my life. Today I helped out a new T-F*A'er get into a friend's house to buy some furniture and such. He was so nice! It was great to help him out. He was so sweet, and was genuinely grateful and said, "Thanks for being so cool." It was such a blessing to hear! I really want to help out the new C^M's in any way that I can, to bless them and inspire them. To hear that he was blessed made me happy in my heart!

He was a little befuddled as to how to get back to H-town so I let him follow me to the interstate. It was the opposite direction of home, and I realized that I'm in need of printer paper and superglue, so I might as well just drive the extra ten miles and go to Staples. As soon as I was within 3 minutes of the store the world's most intense torrential downpour hit, and I was COMPLETELY soaked in the 10 seconds it took me to run from my car to the store. Meh.

After that I almost went and saw a movie by myself, just to get my mind off things (and because it's only $5. And because it's awesome to do.) but the outpouring of mother nature caused me to change my mind. I actually had to, along with most everyone else, turn my hazard lights on for the trip home because the rain was so bad. I still drove 60 though :)

Now I'm enjoying a little Ar0und the H0rn and P*TI, maybe a little Sport$Center. Then I think I will watch a movie and try to think NOT about scary ex-boyfriends stalking me!

PS Just of for you, Clint0nius- I thought you'd like to know that I (intentionally) buy 100% recycled paper. It's worth the extra two bucks ;)