Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prayer Request

I'm entirely too tired to go into the whole story, but before I have a quiet time and fall (literally) exhausted into bed, I want to request prayer from my friends and loved ones that read this blog.

Today I got word that a teacher in my department is almost certainly leaving for a neighboring school district (she was going down to speak with the principal this afternoon to essentially give her 30 days notice) and she just so happens to teach tested subjects. My course is not a tested (state tested, that is) subject, and I'm actually certified to teach secondary social studies and my strength is US History (the courses the teacher would leave are two sections of US History and one of Civics and Economics). Many teachers in this area of the country are lateral entry, which means they have a college degree but no teaching certification- sometimes they don't even have college courses in their particular subject area... it's a very depressed region and hard-pressed for teachers.

So... if a teacher is not found who is certified to teach these subjects being left behind, which in my school district would be literally as miraculous as Jesus raising the dead, then there's an extremely high likelihood that my school would switch me mid-semester to the tested courses and give my students to a long-term sub (aka a warm body to put in a classroom; my current students would learn NOTHING).

Here's the thing- I will do whatever I am told to do, and do my best to choose joy and trust God's will. If I am switched I will work extra hard (beyond the current 19 hours a day if I have to) to make sure that these children get the education they deserve. However, it will break my heart. I am already so connected to my current students. I have rapport and already amazing things are happening in my classroom that I haven't had a chance to write about. I know the other students being left behind deserve a good teacher, and I do feel frustrated with their situation, but my kids right now are already my kids. I have connected with them. Many trust me. Many are already opening up to me and trusting me, and I am setting the tone for their first semester of high school. If they are ripped from me I will literally be crushed.

Seriously, if there were a way to teach all six classes I would. I have nothing against the other students. But it's simply unjust- almost unethical- to take away their favorite teacher (for probably 90% of them this is already true; I know because they've told me) just because their course isn't tested by the state.

So please, pray for me. Pray for the situation. Pray for the students, the administrators making decisions, the teacher who's leaving (primarily because her reason for leaving is mostly because of the money the neighboring school district offers, and she's leaving without consideration for the current students in OUR school... I have to bite my tongue on my opinion about this.) Much of this is totally up in the air and I am trusting God to work things to His will. But I am asking for a miracle- Jesus DID raise the dead and God tells us that we do not have because we do not ask. I am asking that not only will I be able to keep my classes this semester but that also a quality teacher would be provided for the other students if/when their current teacher leaves. I rarely ask so openly for prayers, but please pray- I covet your intercession for myself and this situation.

"Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God..."