Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prayer Update

Today was a bit tough- I was tempted to just feel really sorry for myself. My department head, to make a long story short, basically told me that I was teaching the different classes and my kids don't matter because it's not a tested course. He wasn't exactly nice about it. I was totally not complaining AT all. He was just... not nice.

But I decided to literally just sit in my principal's office until she got out of a meeting. To make a super long story short, I told her my spiel about not wanting to see my kids be hurt that way and that I would teach all six classes if that were possible, but that I really don't want my kids to be grossly mistreated because of a teacher's [insert many a not nice adverb] choice to leave with the school year underway.

The most amazing thing happened- she was just like, "Ms. ___, I have really thought about that. The other day I was talking with Charles Harper* and he just couldn't quit talking about how much he loves your class and how amazing you are. And I thought to myself, after [my department head] spoke to me about changing you, how crushed Charles would be if you were taken away from him. And then I realized you have three classes full of students that would experience that. So I really feel what you're saying."

So... she couldn't PROMISE me anything, but at this point I can rest assured that I will keep my current classes. The superintendent actually would like to not replace that position and what will LIKELY happen is that I'll teach a U$ Hi$tory class during my planning period. Which would be a bit not awesome, but it would actually be a blessing in two ways. For one, I'd put together solid LP's (sorry- Lesson Plans) now, and then when I'm teaching two preps (preps= number of classes I have to prepare for) I'll have done the vast majority of the work this semester and then coaching won't be as stressful .

Side note: I teach on a block schedule so I have three 90 minute classes a day with a 90 minute (in a perfect world... usually much less, if at all) planning period. Then, at semester, I switch and get all new classes.

The other awesome thing is that I'd be paid extra money. Last I heard it was in the realm of $1,000 a month. So hopefully like $700 after taxes. That would SO help me get out of debt AND save for a move home to Se@ttle. So... really, so long as I do keep my kids it's a win-win situation. Either I don't do it and still get a planning period, or I do teach but am prepared for Spring semester and make extra money and all that happy goodness.

And... if things do go down this way... I keep my kids AND the already well-qualified teachers in my department teach the kids that are being left behind. Seriously... how great is that?

Praise God for answering prayer. Please continue to pray and I'll try to update as much as possible.

And seriously- I love you guys. I'm sorry that I'm so busy and out of touch. But things in my classroom are amazing this year and I'm just happier with life in general. I was miserable last year and this year I'm happy with who I am in Christ and my walk with Him, I love people around me, I have amazing people in my life (new and old), I love my job and am just a completely better teacher, and my clothes are falling off and my roommates keep telling me how good I look :) Probably because I never wear pants. But it's all good.


Must. Sleep. Now. Tomorrow's Thursday, which is officially bullet pointed list day so hopefully I'll be able to do that.

*I never use real names. Ever.